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Welcome to ABCsofCulture we are a group of cultural experts with a combined 40 years of experience in China. We specialize in custom expat, corporate, and study abroad training programs for you. Most importantly, we coach individuals to be successful in all aspects of their experience abroad.

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About Dr. Alex English

Alex English’s specialization is facilitating cross-cultural relocation for employees and families moving to all corners of the globe.  Having lived abroad for more than ten years, Alex has participated in cross-cultural conferences and leadership training programs.

He has extensive experience working with leadership teams on developing their global competency in order to work effectively across cultures and helped develop, evaluate and implement training programs for expatriates in China.  Most recently, his focus has been on delivering Intercultural Management and “Best Practice” programs on Asian markets (specifically China, Indonesia, and South Korea).

He has worked extensively across multiple industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, high tech, education, and telecommunications.  His previous work experience was primarily in relocation and education, where he assisted American expatriates in their new assignments throughout Zhejiang and southern China.

Having managed a team of Canadians, Americans and worked closely with Chinese colleagues, he understands the importance of cross-cultural collaboration and awareness in the workplace